This wasn’t planned, but my parents rented an appartment in the Swiss village of Leukerbad for two weeks. My cousin works there in a hotel and many colleagues own an extra appartment to put it on for rent.

I don’t know much about the place, only that it is in the canton Wallis (Valais) and at about 1500 meters and also has a hot water source of about 42 °C.

There is a satellite picture on Google maps which gives a rough idea where it is situated, but nothing more than that: Details aren’t yet available. (Update 2021: Obviously Google now has very high resolution imagery around the globe)

My laptop travels with me, so I’ll try to post something throughout the weeks and if I can get an internet connection I’ll even try to put the posts online. If not, you’ll have to read a lot of posts at once :-) We’ll leave next Sunday and will return somewhere around the 5th of August.