Went to Martigny in the west of Valais, almost at the French border. Martigny is an old Roman city, with various archaeological sites and a small amphi-theater. A section of the old road from London (to Rome of course, all roads lead to Rome) is laid free.

Martigny is also the home of the Fondation Pierre Gianadda, which has a varied collection of art pieces, oldtimer cars, Gallo-Roman archaeological founds and an exposition about Leonardo da Vinci. My parents went inside, but I was at that point more interested in the town itself, so we both went our own ways. I visited the archaeological sites of a roman house and the forum, much like the ones in Vaison-la-Romaine, but I found it better preserved and restored in the Provence… Ah well, these were free to visit, so why complain ;-) Which reminds me, many historic and natural sites are free or very cheap to visit here, in contrary to other countries. The government probably invests much in education and science.

Back home at dinner, a loud growling noise came from outside. I rushed to the balcony to check it out and saw a big dust cloud coming down, a big piece of rock had fallen down from the mountain.