Nothing special today, a trip to the town Visp, kind of shopping tour, but all shops close at 5. Went to Carrefour afterwards, also closing at 5 and since we left home at around 2, we didn’t really have time to do anything (which suits me, I hate shopping).

Holiday’s end is in sight, we’re slowly getting everything ready for the way back, tidying, packing, getting some specialities of the region for at home… I don’t know yet what we’re doing tomorrow, but I suppose there still is a lot to pack and move around. Monday morning at nine we are supposed to leave the apartment.

It’s sad to leave, but it is also good to return home, where I can finally post these sixteen notes, get the photos, read e-mail (ugh, that’s going to be a lot), read feeds (luckily, they are time-limited), listen new podcasts, update the site to a new layout and… aaaargh! prepare for exams. I took all stuff with me, but I didn’t really have the time to read it.