• Bendik

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  • Under Byen in Ekko

    Zo, nu het gedoe met de kapotte harde schijf achter de rug is weer eens een gewoon stukkie tekst. Vorige week woensdag zijn we weer eens een bandje gaan bekijken. Ditmaal was het opnieuw een Deense groep, Under Byen (spreek ongeveer uit als ‘onne buuen’) en dat was zeker leuk.

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  • Rock Werchter 2008

    Zo, dat was m’n eerste meerdaagse-festival-ervaring. En wat voor een!
    Lekker vier dagen in het Belgische Werchter genoten van geweldige optredens
    van onder andere Sigur Rós, Radiohead, The Verve, Nightwish en Mika
    (z’n muziek is zó vrolijk dat je er gewoonweg in een stortbui voor
    blijft staan/springen!). Natuurlijk werd er ook genoten van het lekkere
    weer en van het feit dat je helemaal niks te doen hebt… Lekker relaxen
    dus :-)

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  • Efterklang in Ekko

    Zo kom je nog eens ergens! Van Tutus kreeg ik
    vorige week een mailtje doorgestuurd,

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  • Whoa! Wir sind Helden in Effenaar

    Great concert! Thanks!

    For those who missed it, you’ll get a new chance tonight in Paradiso, Amsterdam via Fabchannel.

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  • Anneke van Giersbergen leaving The Gathering

    Sad news this morning in my feed reader; Anneke van Giersbergen, singer of The Gathering is leaving the band after 13 years for starting a new band called Agua de Annique.

    I hope they will both find their ways and come back at both their full strengths, then we will have two great acts.

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  • U2 - Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

    I was pointed to this U2 music video (transcoded to h.264) yesterday.

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  • Fellowship of the Ring: Complete Recordings

    Extreme bargain alert! I got this 3CD plus a DVD with the complete recordings of The Fellowship of the Ring at a ridiculous price of €5,95 at Makro… Something of a 90% discount off the Amazon-prize. Someone really must have messed things up since I’ve seen it at said Makro for something around € 40,- not too long ago.


    • A booklet with information on the various themes in the music, certainly an interesting read.
    • 3CDs with the complete musical sound track of the first of the Lord of the Rings movies.
    • 1DVD which contains the same music, only now in four formats: standard Dolby Digital Stereo and Surround and in 48kHz 24bit Advanced Resolution Surround and Stereo Sound. Anyone who can play DVD-Audio?

    It seems that software to play the DVD-Audio portion (it’s what goes in the AUDIO_TS directory on a DVD) simply doesn’t exist. One has to have a hardware player for it, but now the same hardware players are dropping support for it in favour of HD content.

    I really enjoy this “Extended Edition” of the soundtrack, it’s fun to picture the complete film along with the music :)

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  • Kaizers Orchestra In Effenaar

    Great concert, little short maybe, but well… Making it longer won’t make it long enough :)

    The setlist was something like this (taken from a gig in Danmark, changed where I knew the differences):

    • KGB
    • Delikatessen
    • Knekker deg til sist
    • Hevnervals
    • Container
    • Señor Flamingos Adieu
    • Blitzregn Baby
    • Bøn Fra Helvete
    • Mann Mot Mann
    • Kontroll På Kontinentet
    • Christiania (yes, the self-governed community in Denmark)
    • På Ditt Skift
    • Die Polizei (request from audience)
    • Di Grind
    • Dieter Meyers Institution
    • Evig Pint
    • Ompa til Du dør
    • Maestro


    • Mr. Kaizer…
    • Bak et Halleluja
    • Resistansen

    Thanks to Lotte, Sjoerd, and Bram for joining me. Ah, and Lowlands is a no go, since I’ll be in Iceland by then after all (I thought Lowlands was in July).

    And I found some English translations to the lyrics!

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  • Sigur Rós in 013: Breathtaking

    Just came back from Tilburg, after a long day of being jumpy (couldn’t really handle myself somehow) and andskotinn, what a difference with Paradiso!

    Not that the Paradiso gig was bad, this was different! For one, 013 The Choice is much bigger. For Sigur Rós this can be both a good thing and a bad thing. They should play intimate, yet they need the space for the things Orri does to his drums ;-) Paradiso is perfectly suitable for an intimate performance, which it was, but the sound just didn’t have that oomph thing (although I think the bass drum was set too loud now).

    Okay, over to 013 then, after all I was there and not in Amsterdam today! 013 The Choice is a big hall (actually a very big staircase) with one large balcony and that’s where I went to view the whole thing. Since most things that happen on stage are small, the balcony is the perfect spot to get a good view on things. You also are quite certain that noone is standing in front of you :-)

    The start was the same, first came Amina, played their set - with a new piece inserted between Hemipode and Seoul, I think - and at the start of Ammælis (the yet unreleased poppy electronic Kraftwerk-like piece) got people chuckling and cheering, exactly the same reaction as in Paradiso, which I found funny—and then there was the white curtain again. The lights and shadows give a very nice effect on the curtain, which I missed in Paradiso, I had a better spot this time.

    Curtains open, and then… no Ný Batterí! Haha! Surprise! So Sæglópur is the new “second opening” now…

    New songs in the set include Svo Hljótt and Heysátan, more to come when I get my hands on a complete setlist… The songs just get bombarded over one, you simply cannot handle that much information!

    1. Takk…
    2. Glósóli
    3. Sæglópur
    4. Njósnavelin
    5. Gong
    6. Andvari
    7. Hoppípolla
    8. Með Blóðnasir
    9. Olsen Olsen
    10. Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása
    11. Svo Hljótt
    12. Heysátan
    13. Hafssól
    14. Smáskifa
    15. Popplagið

    That’s quite some change from the Paradiso set! It’s sad to see classics like Ný Batterí and Sfevn-g-Englar go, but when there is a time of coming, there must be a time of going… They cannot keep on playing the old stuff over and over again, they would become like Boney M and noone wishes that for them!

    Hoppipolla and Með Blóðnasir belong together and are played together with only a tiny little pause in between, just enough for some in the audience to start clapping and almost immediately shut up… However, during Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása, just after the ‘við áttum okkur draum, áttum allt’ line, the band just stopped for what was it… 30 seconds? Some started clapping, others shhhh’d them immediately and for about 20 seconds, 013 was completely silent… 2000 people and noone making any noise, just complete silence. I think that’s far more powerful than a stadium doing eeeeeeyooooo’s with the performer.

    As was to be expected, the concert was concluded by an extremely powerfull Popplagið (track number 8 on ( )), the curtain was closed during this song and the play of lights and shadow gave it that magical extra touch.

    The audience was different. In Amsterdam it was like everyone there was an artist or in some other way connected to a creative profession. In Tilburg, it looked more like the concert for the rest of us or something. Among them was also Tiësto by the way.

    I got myself a t-shirt with free stenciling of date and venue (great idea!) from the “toothfairies” of Sigur Rós… They surely know how to sell things :-)

    After this, we set out for home… And now I’m typing this, which costed me about… one hour to get it out of my head and hands. Still somewhat stunned.

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  • Sigur Rós spotting

    Oooooooooh, nicey nice! Spotted in the Hermanus Boexstraat, Eindhoven:

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  • Sigur Rós in 013

    Yay, I’m going to see them again!


    the 7th of november concert in 013 in tilburg, netherlands has been rescheduled for the 15th of november. tickets remain valid for the altered date and, if required, refunds are available from the point of purchase. the band and its management are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this alteration and worked hard to make sure they could still get to play in tilburg. the reason for this date change is due to the recording of a bbc music television show in london of which we will have more information very soon.

    sigur rós will be appearing as guests on the bbc show “later with jools holland” in a few weeks. the show will be aired on november the 11th on bbc2 but will be recorded a few days prior to this and this is what caused the tilburg concert to be rescheduled. “later..” is one of britain’s most popular and influential music shows, with each show having several guests – some new and up and coming, some more established and some legendary artists. it promises to be an interesting and exciting event. more information as we get it.

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  • Sigur Rós in Paradiso!

    Yesterday, it was 13 July and like I already posted earlier, Sigur Rós was performing in Paradiso Amsterdam.

    Around three I went on my way to our nation’s capital, arriving there by half past four. The weather was nice and the streets were packed with people, so I decided to join them and take a walk through the city. I went from the central station over Damrak to Dam (where I completely forgot to look for the location of the new Apple Store in the center of Amsterdam), then through the Kalverstraat to Leidseplein. There I called Esther to join them (her, her friend Erwin and his (Icelandic) girlfriend Solla) for dinner, they were in the Sarphatipark, very close to the famous Albert Cuyp market.

    Getting a bit thirsty I tried to find a supermarket, but somehow I didn’t manage to find one until I almost gave up looking for it… When I got in the park, it was already almost time to get us something to eat. That is not a very hard task in Oud-Zuid which is filled with little restaurants where you can have dinner for only a few euros. The hardest part is to decide which restaurant to go to.

    At dinner, some dirty Icelandic words were exchanged and I learned a lot about them ;-). Especially what you shouldn’t say too loud in Iceland! ‘Tot straks’ for instance, being just plain Dutch for ‘see you later’, is pronounced much like the Icelandic ‘Tott strax’ and that means you want a blowjob right now. Must feel strange being an Icelander in the Netherlands.

    When we were finished, it was already time to go to Paradiso, the doors would open at seven and we were already late. Outside Paradiso there was a huge line, which was very special apparently because it drew the attention of many Amsterdammers. The funny thing is of course that no one who asks who we are all waiting for actually knows Sigur Rós… One woman even thought they were from Spain, ha!

    Okay, so we went inside, after we had to pay another 2,50 for a Paradiso membership card. Upstairs we went to get a good view on the stage, plus that there are seats on the balconies! After a beer, the lights went down and Amina came on stage. They have played with Sigur Rós a lot and as would come clear during the performance, will be playing with them for some time in the future.

    Amina is an Icelandic string quartet, playing virtually every instrument with strings, acoustic as well as electric and their sound fits perfectly with Sigur Rós as well as with Efterklang. After playing for about an hour, they left the stage and a curtain closed.

    About fifteen minutes later, the silhouettes of Sigur Rós became visible on the (see-through) curtains and they began playing their first song, which is a new one (‘Introduction’ followed by ‘Glósóli’) from their new album ‘Takk…’ (thank you) to be released in September. No one knew this of course, but it was received very well by the audience (and also by me of course). After this song, the curtains opened and Jónsi began a haunting Ný Batterí intro, followed by the rest of the concert :-).

    The setlist:

    1. Introduction
    2. Glósóli
    3. Ný Batterí
    4. Svefn-g-Englar
    5. Sæglópur
    6. Sé Lest
    7. Mílanó
    8. Gong
    9. Andvari
    10. Vaka (Untitled 1)
    11. Viðrar Vel til Loftárása
    12. Hafssól
    13. Popplagið (Untitled 8)

    It truly was a great concert and I cannot really find the words for it, not in Dutch, let alone in English. I guess if you like their music, you really should try to catch a gig.

    On the way back in the train to Eindhoven, I was not quite alone for some other rockband had a concert in Amsterdam too, only they were with a few more people.

    I would like to send back a big ‘Takk fyrir’ to the guys of Sigur Rós and hope to see you next time!


    The Dutch magazine OOR has an article about the concert, describing what I couldn’t.

    Update 2:

    Added the setlist and a Torrent file of nice FLACs of the concert is available.

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  • Under Byen - Det Er Mig Der Holder Træerne Sammen

    Under Byen is like Efterklang also a Danish group. They play rock music with a sensitive touch.

    I always tend to be inclined towards rockbands with female lead singers, and if they are from Scandinavia they must be great. Under Byen is no exception, except that they are exceptionally different since you won’t find a guitar in the band (well, there is a bass player, but no lead).

    Det Er Mig Der Holder Træerne Sammen is the second album of Under Byen and is, stylewise, a continuation of their first album, Kyst. All lyrics are Danish, which is of course very interesting, but hard to follow. Luckily, there is the website Always on the Run which can give us translations of each and every song Under Byen released. Here, we learn that the albumtitle means ‘It is me who holds the trees together’ and ‘Under Byen’ means ‘Below the city’.

    A download of the title song Det Er Mig Der Holder Træerne Sammen is available for download from their website.

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  • Efterklang - Tripper

    Efterklang (Flash only site) uses a very special electronic percussion and base sounds which reminds of Kraftwerk’s drum computers. This combined with the soft voices and acoustic instruments (trumpet, flügelhorn, piano) gives the music this very unique sound

    Efterklang is a Danish group and the name means something like aftersound, or reverberation. On the album Tripper they play together with Amina, who already had done ( ) with Sigur Rós.

    You can download the video clip for Swarming (Quicktime) (WMV) from the groups web shop which gives a very good idea of their music.

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  • Introduction to the music section

    This is a special section of my journal where I’ll now and then post links to music artists I like. Posts on music I already posted will be moved here, keeping their original publication date, so you’ll notice that this introduction is not the first post… Well, so be it.

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  • Herman van Veen

    It has been a while since I wrote something here. Yesterday I was surprised with a visit to Herman van Veen, a Dutch singer and one of the creators of Alfred Jodocus Kwak. The school where my dad teaches is merged this year with another one and one of the festivities was this special gig of Herman van Veen for every employee with their partner.

    It was a nice evening, Herman is doing his 60th birthday tour this year together with band; Erik van der Wurff, Edith Leerkes and Wieke Garcia and two more who’s name I couldn’t make out. He’s doing old songs and new ones, the new ones being partly political, partly emotional. He is rethinking his life, thinking back about his mother, about his daughter as a baby, but also letting Edith sing a funny song about what she would have done should she’d be a man.

    I won’t try to translate some lines into English, since he can do it very much better than I.

    Maar mocht ‘t nodig zijn, ik haal je uit de diepste
    de diepste kraters van m’n hart, m’n lijf, m’n liefde.
    Dat je me één keer vasthoudt heb ik liever
    dan heel de wereld bij mekaar.

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  • Sigur Rós in Paradiso!

    A nice surprise yesterday when I came on the Sigur Rós website. They come to the Netherlands on their 2005 tour! 13 July is the day, Paradiso Amsterdam the place. I’ll be there, who’ll be joining me?

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  • Newest acquisitions

    Today I picked up Dancer in the Dark (starring Björk) and Ágætis Byrjun (by Sigur Rós) at the Free Record Shop, which I ordered two weeks ago. Both took a bit longer than was to be expected.

    Since I was in the city anyway, I decided to hop by the local Apple Centre to take a good look at the Mac mini. On my way back I went to Van Leest and bought Homogenic by Björk.

    In case you’re wondering what he’s doing with all this Icelandic stuff lately… Indeed, I’m intrigued by this little country in the northwestern corner of Europe and its people, language, culture… I would really like to go there some day and see for myself, maybe even do an internship? Esther must have infected me with the Iceland virus ;-)

    Meanwhile in Eindhoven, the weather is nice, it’s not too hot, yet warm enough to sit on a terrace in the sun. Knowing Dutch weather however, this isn’t going to last long and the weather will change in a few days.

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  • Björk - Debut

    Just wanted to say, I bought a CD today… Wow!

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  • Godspeed you! Black emperor

    And then, just when you think that there can be nothing like Sigur Rós, you bump into Godspeed you! Black emperor… Strange, very strange. The music is a little bit different, the texts are different, but the sound as a whole is the same.


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  • Sigur Rós

    I already mentioned Sigur Rós (Victory rose) in my iPod shuffle entry, but I think they deserve an entry of their own.

    Two weeks ago, I heard the first sounds from this Icelandic group. It was the album Ágætis Byrjun, which is Icelandic for `an alright start’. Their music is really beautiful, much softer than for instance Björk. At first it made me think about The Gathering. But now it reminds me most of a giant evolution of the psychedelic music of Pink Floyd.

    Their debute album, called Von (Hope) begins with a very intriguing introduction of two tracks Intro and Dögun (Dawn), followed by the beautiful Hún Jörð (Mother Earth). It is a pagan version of the `Our Father’.

    Móðir vor sem ert á jörðu
    heilagt veri nafn þitt
    komi ríki þitt

    Our mother, who areth in earth
    Hallowed be thy name
    Thy kingdom come.

    Nice, nothing more to add…

    This really must be the most strange debute I have ever heard; but it sounds great, almost like it is a record that you can use to test and adjust your stereo equipment to get the most out of their music. Every possible sound is contained in this one, low noises, high shrieks and everything in between.

    Since their texts are all either in Icelandic or in their own pseudo-language Vonlenska (Hopelandic), I decided to do some language study on the first. The first step with every foreign text I get, is trying to read some text without any help of dictionaries or other documents. This might seem very hard, but since it is mainly a North-German language, it looks very much like Dutch and even more like Frisian. However, there are many gaps to fill still, so a dictionary is fairly obligatory. Luckily, there are translations available.

    One of my housemates has seen Sigur Rós perform live and she said they’re even better then. So when they are around, I’ll try to catch a gig.

    There is so much more to tell about the sound, but as always, it is better to hear it for yourself. So, my tip for this week: Sigur Rós.

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  • The Gathering in Mezz

    Went to see The Gathering in Mezz yesterday.

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