I completely forgot I promised to write something about my iPod shuffle. So here you have it:

Many words have been said now about the shuffle by many users and I just can’t add much to that. It sounds all right, the electronic sounds of Sigur Rós tend to clip (can also be an encoding problem, but I don’t hear them that clear on my stereo) and switches slow between songs (about a second silence between each track which really is too ong). It might also give some audible feedback when pushing the buttons. Here are some interesting links about iPod shuffle.

Okay, so that is what they say and do with it. I had my own personal iPod experience. About a week after I had activated it, the left headphone started to make a cracking noise. That was a bit disappointing, but since I of course have warranty, I called Apple and they sent me a new pair without any question. Way to go, Apple! Excellent!