Today I picked up Dancer in the Dark (starring Björk) and Ágætis Byrjun (by Sigur Rós) at the Free Record Shop, which I ordered two weeks ago. Both took a bit longer than was to be expected.

Since I was in the city anyway, I decided to hop by the local Apple Centre to take a good look at the Mac mini. On my way back I went to Van Leest and bought Homogenic by Björk.

In case you’re wondering what he’s doing with all this Icelandic stuff lately… Indeed, I’m intrigued by this little country in the northwestern corner of Europe and its people, language, culture… I would really like to go there some day and see for myself, maybe even do an internship? Esther must have infected me with the Iceland virus ;-)

Meanwhile in Eindhoven, the weather is nice, it’s not too hot, yet warm enough to sit on a terrace in the sun. Knowing Dutch weather however, this isn’t going to last long and the weather will change in a few days.