• Fluids 0.1.0 Equinox

    Well, so much for the practical part of the assignment, this is the version I’ll probably deliver end of this week. Added since the last pre-release are three types of isolines: Based on fixed levels, based on a fixed number of lines, based on fixed points in space. Also, it can do fullscreen, yay!

    So, I hereby release version 0.1 of Fluids and name it Equinox, since that’s exactly what is going to happen tomorrow at 0:07 UTC. The days are becoming longer and longer, and starting tomorrow, they’ll be longer in Iceland than they are here again. Spring’s here!

    • [Fluids 0.1 intel]/files/fluids/Fluids-i386-0.1.0.dmg)
    • [Fluids 0.1 powerpc]/files/fluids/Fluids-powerpc-0.1.0.dmg)
    • [Fluids source code]/files/fluids/fluids-0.1.0.tgz)
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  • Fluids, now with isolines!

    And we’re already two weeks later! Today I hacked together isolines in Fluids, based on a paper published in Byte magazine in July 1987.

    So, there it is, for Mac OS X in PowerPC and Intel glory:

    • [Fluids 0.0.2 Intel version]/files/fluids/Fluids-i386-0.0.2.dmg)
    • [Fluids 0.0.2 PowerPC version]/files/fluids/Fluids-powerpc-0.0.2.dmg)

    And, another anouncement, over at nogates.nl I set up a Trac page for the Fluids project. There you can get the source and some more information.

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  • Hunting your own food

    Walking dinner… or… hunting your own food. It is a yearly activity at Isis and usually one of the best-attended ones (most probably because there’s food involved). I don’t have exact numbers, but making an wild guess I would say about 35-40 out of the total 100 members were present.

    If you’re not familiar with the concept, a small introduction. Everyone gets three addresses where they’re going to have entry, main dish and dessert, along with what they’re going to make themselves. You get this of course far too late to prepare properly and you don’t really have time to arrange much.

    So, Jacco and I were a “team” so to speak and had our entry course, mustard pea soup with lots of smoked sausage at Rinka’s house at 6pm… Others at the table were Maarten, Erwin, Andre, Juliën, and Marcel.

    Then, at half past seven we rushed home to prepare our main course: cheese fondue. Man, that’s the last time I attempt that at a walking dinner :Ð All was good, it just takes soooo much time to melt the cheese properly. We got Herjan, Lisa, Sibrecht, Floor, Wouter, and Michiel for dinner.

    Barely making the two hours planned for dinner, we arrived a little late at Roel’s, where the Tiramisù was already waiting for Sandra, Mijke, Maresa, and us.

    Afterwards, we met in café Spijker and thus and there the walking dinner 2007 was concluded.

    I would say, it was very successful, we had a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to next year’s walking dinner. Hopefully I won’t have to make the main dish then, it’s fun to do, but also a bit stressy.

    Update: There are photos online.

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  • The skating rink is closed, and so is the season

    While Ireen and Sven are becoming world champions in Calgary, the season in Eindhoven is already over. Wednesday was the last time on the ice for a few months and as a nice last training, we did a 10 kilometers, or 25 rounds.

    I can only say this, there was a lot of pain involved. After about 15 rounds, my back hurt like hell and the only way to get on was to stand up, but then you lose stability, so you have to go down again.

    Then, after 18 rounds, the trainer said something which I understood as ‘only 18 rounds left’… What! But it was a relief then to hear him shout ‘last round!’ after 5 more rounds already :-)

    In the end I did the 10000 meters in 26.00 minutes, with a feeling of satisfaction. The world record of 12.49,88 12.41,69 is set by Sven Kramer, so I’m only about twice as slow as him ;-)

    Last week on Monday and Tuesday by the way was the yearly Isis tournament where I played photographer (see the links).

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  • Fluids: My First OS X Application release

    Hooray! I actually managed today to get my [visualization]/studie/2006/03/04/visualization-1.html) compiled and running under Mac OS X. It wasn’t that hard after all, just finding the right libraries to include.

    GLUT… X11 or Aqua?

    glut.h exists in fink as well as in OS X, the former binds to X11, while the latter does the OpenGL directly in Aqua. When I found out about this, it was easy. I now only need Fink for the fast fourier transform library.

    NEXTSTEP Application Bundles

    Then the next challenge came, creating a real application bundle… Again not very hard, it’s just putting files in the right location and relinking the libraries.

    So, now there is one little thing left, Universal Binaryness. But I can live with this result. It needs a pretty icon by the way.

    • [Fluids 0.0.1 powerpc]/files/fluids/Fluids-powerpc-0.0.1.dmg)
    • [Fluids 0.0.1 intel]/files/fluids/Fluids-i386-0.0.1.dmg)

    I fixed some last bits in the streamlines and found a bug that was festering along all the time without really getting noticed. The source is included in the bundle, by the way.

    Last stage, implementing isolines. Then I’ll write a report about it all and then hopefully [after more than a year]/studie/2005/12/29/trimester-4.2.html) I can finish the Visualization course.

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  • FOSDEM 2007

    The nice people at FOSDEM recorded their main talks and put them online, sadly without giving a playlist, so you have to click each link each time you want to play something.

    So here you are, a [playlist for your comfort]/files/FOSDEM2007.m3u).

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  • Ehrensenf & RSS

    Very few of you might have noticed that Ehrensenf I mentioned yesterday doesn’t offer a RSS feed with enclosures, so you can’t add it to your favorite podcatcher (go Democracy!!!) for automatic downloading of new episodes.

    Well, I sat down for half an hour, pulled some PHP and DOM XML magic out of the hat and voila; a feed with enclosures! (psst, don’t tell them, they lack the feed for a reason, namely advertisements).

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  • Ehrensenf

    As a regular Rocketboom viewer, I was introduced in December to the german show Ehrensenf (ES) (anagram of Fernsehen, or television), which I since then catch daily, too.

    ES reached 300 episodes today! Congratulations!

    While it seems to be a copy of Rocketboom at first sight, be it in German, the show turns out to be quite fun to watch and to be different.

    Both shows are produced and scripted, but most hosts of ES (they have “backups” so to say in case Katrin is on the road for 3sat or otherwise busy for the radio or her studies in technical journalism) are in my opinion better than Joanne from Rocketboom. It just looks a bit more spontaneous, less rehearsed.

    ES is funny, despite the Germans are thought of to have no humour at all (which is true in many cases, especially TV shows) and even though the ES team is from Cologne (and thus not from Düsseldorf).

    That being said, I think the Netherlands lack a good light news internet-tv show, but somehow I just can’t imagine it happening here. The only site I would expect to come out with such a thing would be Geenstijl… Yay, what fun would that be… (pause) NOT!

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  • Icelandic euros?

    An article titled Icelandic euros sold on eBay in Morgunblaðið caught my attention today.

    The eBay auctionnair ede2016 claims they are proof coins. The MBL article however mentions that they are coined in 2004 by a Swiss company, which also created and sold Swiss, Greenlandic and Faroese euros.

    The coins don’t have any money value, and probably not even collector’s value. Iceland is neither a member of the EU nor of the EMU (European Monetary Union), but they signed a number of EU treaties such as Schengen (Because of this treaty, it is possible for a EU citizen to stay in Iceland for as long as six months without residence permit, as opposed to 3 months for non-EU citizens).

    The Icelandic krónur is completely independent from any other currency (which is the reason why it fluctuates so heavily, usually between 75 and 100 eurocents within one year) and it is unlikely that they will take up the euro soon or will even tie their currency to the European common coin. However there are some voices to do the latter.

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  • The genitive is in grave danger

    Indo-European languages all had this beautiful case system with at least four base cases, nomenative, accusative, dative and genitive (which is the Icelandic order) and usually a few more.

    In many languages however, including Dutch, those cases have almost completely disappeared. We have remnants of cases in our personal pronouns (ik (nom.), mij (acc.), mijn (dat./gen.)), put ‘s’ behind words to indicate ownership (i.e. a simple genitivus form) and do weird things (they’re in fact inflections) with adjectives (“sometimes” add ‘e’ suffix), but otherwise they’re completely gone.

    In some languages which still have cases, such as German and Icelandic, the genitivus tends to disappear slowly in favor of a construction using the dativus.

    Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod is an example of a sentence which doesn’t use the genitive but the dative instead, and becoming more and more common in spoken language. It is already pretty common to use this construction in Dutch (“De dativus is de genitivus zijn dood”) and now look what this language has become! The sentences “Der Dativ ist der Tod des Genitivs” or even “Der Dativ ist des Genitivs Tod” say exactly the same and are more aestetically pleasing.

    In Icelandic the genitive is used extensively for creating adjectives out of nouns: “Ráðhúsið Reykjavíkur” (City Hall of Reykjavik), “Flugstöð Leifs Eiríkssonar” (Leifur Eiriksson Airterminal). However, here also the genitive is threatened by the dative in the sense that they will probably merge somewhere in the next 200 years.

    As a citizen of a case-deprived country I would like to say to those lucky enough to still have them: Save and protect them!

    And to those living in case-deprived countries having to learn a highly inflectional language: There will be a day when the penny drops and all of a sudden it just comes naturally, believe me.

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  • Speed skating and the goal for the end of this season

    Hmm… today, I heard we’re supposed to do 30 rounds (without rest) in less than an hour by the end of the season… That’s next month by the way.

    Until a week ago, exercises of 4 rounds was the most we did, today it was 10 minutes rounds of one minute, one minute rest, 10 minutes rounds of 50 seconds, two rounds rest, four times three rounds, two rounds rest and then fifteen minutes rounds of 50 seconds.

    The nice thing is that I feel my technique improving by the round. This higher group certainly was a good choice.

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  • U2 - Stay (Faraway, So Close!)

    I was pointed to this U2 music video (transcoded to h.264) yesterday.

    People who’ve seen Himmel über Berlin will recognize the theme… And the sequel to that movie is called… In weiter Ferne, so nah! or in English “Faraway, So Close!”

    Further, if you take a close look at the leader, you’ll notice that Wim Wenders himself was the director of the video. It was produced in 1993, the same year as the follow-up movie.

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