I’m back from my little Germany Interrail trip to Dresden, stopped over at Düsseldorf to visit family for a few days.

Dresden turns out to be a great city with lots of stuff to see and to do! Certainly worth another visit, I think. Thank you, Admar for some nice days.
* Panorama of the Zwinger palace *
* The beautifully restored (picture of 1991) Frauenkirche *
* Statue for the Trümmerfrauen in Dresden *
* Altstadt panorama from the Carolabrücke *
* Altstadt panorama from the Marienbrücke *
View over the Elbtal (on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in Danger)
* Blaues Wunder panorama to the north *
* Blaues Wunder panorama to the south *
* Ampelmädchen *

More photos at P.hot.os!