Alright, got my new phone today, a shiny black Sony Ericsson S500i which I chose for the looks, the fact that it’s a Sony Ericsson, that it has Bluetooth and as such could sync with my laptop using iSync.

This device is not supported by iSync

iSync however didn’t recognize it, because there’s no “plugin” for it yet. Luckily there’s a few companies who sell iSync “plugins” to anyone who needs them at rediculous prices.

Because, if you delve a bit through the iSync package (the /Applications/ directory), you’ll find plugins for quite some other phones that have been on the market earlier. Since basically the protocols to exchange items don’t change (it’s been standardized by SyncML), the only thing that sets a plugin for one phone apart from that for another phone is the name and a pretty picture.

So here you have it, an iSync plugin for the SonyEricsson S500i. Create a directory in Library called PhonePlugins if it doesn’t already exist and move the contents of the ZIP file there. Relaunch iSync and you should be able to add the device.

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