Well, this is filed under holiday, but of course it will be hard work. I applied today for Kalmar, the Scandinavia Study Tour in 2008 of GEWIS. This study tour will visit the cities of Trondheim (world famous for their bike elevator… well at least among Rocketboom viewers, Stockholm and Helsinki.


The topic of the tour will be “networking”, as Scandinavia is famous for its advanced telecommunication networks and companies. We will visit some companies and universities, learn about Nordic culture (me likes :-)) and there will also be enough off-time for ourselves.

It however isn’t all partying. In advance, a case study has to be done and some excursions in the Netherlands (Reykjavík University would call them “Science Trips” ;). Afterwards, a final report is written about the study tour.

There will be a maximum of 24 participants and judging by the turnout at the information meeting this afternoon, a lottery draw might be needed.

Subscription is open until 6 April, but you’re encouraged to enter before the February 13th, in order to take precedence. On the other hand, by not subscribing, I will have a bigger chance to get in.