Today (yesterday if you like) Utopia held its annual HCC Dagen meeting!

HDD enclosure I bought this year, with Tux of 4 years ago

The number of merchants was saddingly low, they even had to close down two half halls (and the worst: the most interesting stuff was traditionally in those two halls). I fear for the existence of the current setup; the goods the shops had to offer was thirteen-in-a-dozen standard stuff and all the same.

Where did the times go where you could find the most obscure hardware at the HCC Dagen? Where were the big companies like Philips? Intel had a modest stand. Even Microsoft didn’t have a big over-the-top stand this year. Not that I was in any way interested in those, but they bring a lot of money in the organisation.

Photos of the meeting are online, waiting to be integrated in the Utopia website.