• Bendik

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  • Kaizers Orchestra In Effenaar

    Great concert, little short maybe, but well… Making it longer won’t make it long enough :)

    The setlist was something like this (taken from a gig in Danmark, changed where I knew the differences):

    • KGB
    • Delikatessen
    • Knekker deg til sist
    • Hevnervals
    • Container
    • Señor Flamingos Adieu
    • Blitzregn Baby
    • Bøn Fra Helvete
    • Mann Mot Mann
    • Kontroll På Kontinentet
    • Christiania (yes, the self-governed community in Denmark)
    • På Ditt Skift
    • Die Polizei (request from audience)
    • Di Grind
    • Dieter Meyers Institution
    • Evig Pint
    • Ompa til Du dør
    • Maestro


    • Mr. Kaizer…
    • Bak et Halleluja
    • Resistansen

    Thanks to Lotte, Sjoerd, and Bram for joining me. Ah, and Lowlands is a no go, since I’ll be in Iceland by then after all (I thought Lowlands was in July).

    And I found some English translations to the lyrics!

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