Yes, well, actually it’s been almost a month now since we came back from Edinburgh, but I didn’t want to post without pictures being online and I had to edit them plus I didn’t have a decent piece of photo gallery software.

But now I do! It is called and it is going to be my photo gallery page, so here it is, the post on Edinburgh.

Actually, is nothing more than webgen with a custom gallery layouter (and you can even do without that one). So, basically, I now use webgen for my gallery needs! Please tell me what you think of it, I still have some ideas to implement (for instance something with Google Maps, like most of you probably already saw in my Coppermine gallery).

So, back to Edinburgh… Uhm, I’m back from Edinburgh and it was a great weekend. We saw a lot of the city and got a hint of its surroundings, took a lot of pictures, but didn’t get on the 41 however. I’d like to thank you, Paul, for your hospitality and hope to see you soon (in a few minutes, since you’re coming home at the moment I’m writing this).