• Began Speed Skating

    Long ago (four years to be exact) Breda got its own ice rink and I was determined to go there often and instead of renting skates everytime I decided to buy my own… Well, turned out to be a wrong choice, because I only went two or three times that year, the next year also a few times and then they just laid about in the box. Luckily, good skates don’t rot away, so I can use them now and they still fit (I didn’t really grow that much in the last few years)!

    lees verder
  • The Physics of Alien Civilizations

    “Sebastiaan”: gave me a link to an “interesting article by Michio Kaku about the physics of advanced alien civilizations”: (“PDF”:/files/screenshot-physics-of-alien-civs.pdf in case the link doesn’t work) and how far we are of becoming an advanced civilization.

    lees verder