Hmm, found this in my mailbox today:

Og einn dag . .inginu er menn gengu fj.lmennir til L.gbergs og er .ar var lykt a. l.gskilum .. kvaddi Gunnlaugur s.r hlj..s og m.lti: “Er Hrafn h.r .nundarson?”

Accompanied by the picture of a certain female I’ve never met, a text of a sexual nature and a web address.

But that last part wasn’t even the most interesting, it was the text. It obviously is no English; but by a coincidence I could clearly recognize it as being written in the language of the Icelanders.

A little searching revealed that we’re dealing here with an extract from chapter 11 of Gunnlaugs saga:

Og einn dag á þinginu er menn gengu fjölmennir til Lögbergs og er þar var lykt að mæla lögskilum þá kvaddi Gunnlaugur sér hljóðs og mælti: “Er Hrafn hér Önundarson?”

And on one day of the thing (an assembly) many people gathered to the Lögberg (the hill on Þingvellir where law was spoken) and there was a smell of talk about the definition of a law when Gunnlaugur took the floor and spoke “Is Hrafn here Önundur’s son?”

Jæja… Well, I haven’t read the saga yet, but now I might, thanks to some spam on a rainy day :)

Detail for the Lord of the Rings fans; Gunnlaugs nickname is Ormstunga; Worm-Tongue or Snake-Tongue. Guess where J.R.R. got Gríma’s name!