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  • Reacties vernieuwd

    Vanaf vandaag op Logging the Switch, een daadwerkelijk werkende reactie-pagina! Hoera :)

    Ik gebruik nu het systeem van Disqus om de reacties te verwerken en te tonen. Het voordeel van Disqus boven HaloScan wat ik voorheen gebruikte, is dat de comments nu wél volledig onder mijn beheer zijn en ik ze ook kan opslaan naar een bestand, iets wat bij HaloScan dus niet kon. Sterker nog, de reacties werden “eigendom” van HaloScan, wat natuurlijk belachelijk is.

    Bij Disqus kan de reaguurder reageerder zelf bepalen of deze een anonieme reactie plaatst óf er een account maakt en reacties onder eigen naam wegzet. Daarbij blijft de reactie altijd van jezelf, van jou, je eigen, jouw precioussss. Met de license die je er zelf aan hangt.

    Via de samenwerking met seesmic is het nu bovendien mogelijk videoboodschappen achter te laten.

    Dus… Vanaf nu voor elck wat wilsch!

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  • Hard Disk Crash

    Nee, geen Wall Street Crash. De schijf van m’n laptop heeft het niet overleefd en de backup die ik had, heb ik gesloopt voordat ik hem terug kon zetten.

    Helaas stond ook de bron van deze site op de schijf en die ben ik nu dus kwijt. Gelukkig daarentegen heb ik wel nog alle XML bestanden e.d., dus ik moet in staat zijn de hele site weer werkend te krijgen, maar dat duurt dus nog wel even. Voorlopig dus even geen updates hier :(

    Update: Ik heb gisteravond even lekker met Ruby, de XMLs en YAML gestoeid en het gevolg is dat ik vrijwel alles heb kunnen herstellen. Bijna alles, want als je op de website zelf kijkt zie je wel dat er het een en ander mist, zoals opmaak.

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  • Now also for Internet Explorer!

    I never thought I’d manage it to get the site display roughly (in the sense that it looks like it should look that way) the same on every single browser but tadaaa, here it is. Look!

    Okay, so clearly now it’s time to start thinking about a new design again :D

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  • Migration successful

    Over the weekend, I have transferred the web site from Abraracourcix to Sunny. I’m in the process of slowly phasing out Abraracourcix’ services, eventually moving the hard disk into Sunny and then put it to a well deserved sleep.

    My own mail setup has been moved to Sunny already, the other accounts will follow somewhere in the next few weeks.

    The web server changed from Apache to lighttpd and so far, I’m pretty satisfied with it. Configuration is a breeze, it responds quickly, logs are in the common logfile format so the local Webalizer statistics also still work, there’s an RRDtool plugin which makes it pretty easy to construct graphs of the web traffic (also per virtual host or even for specific directories).

    Abraracourcix has been my personal server for more than 7 years. It was a router for the internet connection at my parents’ home and before that it used to be my desktop. In 2003, operations moved to Spacelabs where it became the main web and e-mail server for the domain, serving up all static web content and doing SMTP and IMAP.
    Especially the latter service is very heavy for this Pentium 166 with only 48 MB RAM, so it had to go off the machine.

    Sunny is a Sun Ultra 5 desktop machine with a UltraSparc IIi at 360 MHz and 256 MB RAM, which should be able to hold up the load a bit longer. I got this somewhere in 2005 from Tilburg University who were dumping their old hardware.

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  • Iceland Blog moved off Planet

    Because it was decided that Pluto no longer is a planet, but rather a dwarf planet, I on my part decided to take the Iceland blog off Planet Luon.

    Really? Well… No. The actual reason is that Planet destroys the markup of my (admittedly invalid) RSS feed. Apparantly, the HTML that can be encoded inside the RSS feed, is not just normal HTML, but some other form where the object and iframe tags are illegal. My own feed reader however renders them well, because it is actually a web browser, right? So, why would you disallow those things? I want to do hip new things in my feed! Don’t hold me back!

    So I ask of you, readers subscribed via Planet Luon, add to your readers. The site is now removed from Planet Luon.

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  • Site update

    My old black and gray t-shirt look website is gone. I moved the journal to the root of the site, building the rest around it and am now working on creating a photogallery entry type for Hobix, my blog-software. The old site will still be available on another location for a while.

    In my view, it was a good design, simple yet attractive. But it didn’t fit with the needs of the journal, which became an increasingly bigger part of the site. Actually it was the only part which got updates.

    So, like I said, I’m working on a photogallery entry type. The current status is that I have one single page with all thumbnails on it, accompanied by the image description. A click on the thumbnail opens a new window with the larger version. This is of course absolutely undesirable and I really have better ideas, but hey, it is only the first preview not-even-release. The final version should have automatic thumbnail generation, some navigational facilities (maybe using AJAX?) and some other cool things I don’t came up with yet (like EXIF information).

    You can already take a look at the Berlin 2001 gallery.

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  • New journal layout

    For all you feed-readers, I updated the site layout of my journal in which you’ll notice some personal favorite subject to the banner ;-).

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  • Orion back once again and Planet Luon

    Well, revived Orion once again, this time back in its old case with its old mainboard and all is back as it was before we got the new (cursed?) hardware. So I just hope things will run smoothly until I say it to stop instead of stopping on its own.

    In the meantime, Paul and Bram apparently created Planet Luon and put me on it, so you’ll find my journal there as well! A two-feed planet is kind of boring I thought, but it appears that both Admar and Bram started blogging this month, so now we’re four.

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  • Orion is back

    All right, everything is nice and shiny again. Orion, my “personal” server got a reinstall and a backup restore right after that. I hope it will be a bit more stable now, since it got uptimes of about… 3 days at max.

    So, my journal and website are back from hibernation. I don’t suppose you missed them :-)

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