It really has been a strange week.

It all started the week before last week on Wednesday, when I received the mail from Reykjavík University. Right the next day, Thursday, I went to Wil Linders, the international programme coordinator of the faculty. He confirmed that an agreement had been made and that it was initiated by Jan Friso Groote, faculty director of study-related matters.

Knowing that he can be very busy at times I sent him an E-mail on Sunday (I don’t know why didn’t do that earlier) and got a reply back within one hour: Luca Aceto, a professor at RU was in Eindhoven for a symposium and he would have a talk at 9:30 on Monday. I went there and in the coffee break we discussed about the possibilities of an internship at RU. Jan Friso and he had talked about me the night before and basically he was very enthousiastic that I was learning Icelandic and that I was interested in Iceland altogether. If I would sort out which research areas I find interesting, then he could get me in touch with the right people.

That was Monday, Tuesday I watched Ring of the Nibelungs, unknowingly that it is not only based on the Nibelungenlied, but that it is mixed together with the Volsunga saga. And of course, the main character, Siegfried must follow his love to Iceland…

Wednesday, there was a lecture on Internships and Study Abroad. I had a question, stating “Reykjavík” only briefly, but it was enough for an international programme coordinator of another faculty to give me a name of someone in Iceland. That this afterwards turned out to be a mistake is a bit irrelevant, I think.

Thorsday… uh… Thursday, in Coupling Jane makes a reference to Thor… I know, it is far fetched, but the series hadn’t had any religious theme so far. Funny episode though.

In the meantime, my parents are already checking out when they can come over… Hell, I don’t even have a project yet!