Yes! Finally I got around it and actually finished the work I started more than two years ago (uh, correction, almost two and a half years ago)!

The course is taught online, with a hyperdocument as course material. You first read your way through the hundred-something pages and a few small quizzes.

In the end you get the HTML’ized version of a (online) paper written in 1993 by Vijay Balasubramanian titled “State of the Art Review on Hypermedia Issues And Applications” and the assignment to convert it into a hypertext document.

In 1994 it was converted to HTML by Denys Duchier and now in 2007, for the I don’t know how many’th time it is converted into an actual hypertext document. So here’s my take at it.

Jæ, so I’m now only one course short of my Bachelor degree, which is that other course I “started” two years ago; History of Computing. I also am only one course and a Master project short of my Master degree, so it’s actually looking like it’s coming to an end now! More about the Master project in a few weeks.