Finally, after two years, I got my grade for the Visualization course today. Not that great, merely a seven, but well, it’s done.

I decided that Fluids is a boring name, because it is just an English word. So I renamed it Vökvar, which also is just a word, but at least it’s an Icelandic one — intrinsically cooler however — meaning exactly the same.

  • [Vökvar 1.0.0 intel]/files/fluids/Vokvar-i386-1.0.0.dmg) (dmg)
  • [Vökvar 1.0.0 powerpc]/files/fluids/Vokvar-powerpc-1.0.0.dmg) (dmg)
  • [Vökvar 1.0.0 source code]/files/fluids/vokvar-1.0.0.tgz) (tarball)
  • [Report]/files/papers/visualization%20-%20fluids.pdf) (pdf)

Update: I forgot that the usage is not at all trivial :)

So, here are some keystrokes that do stuff (they’re also mentioned in the report):

  • 1: Switches the “smoke” on and off
  • 2: Switches the speed vectors on and off
  • 3: Switches the streamlines on and off
  • 4: Switches the isolines on and off
  • p: Switches between palette (rainbow, rainbow with 5 discrete colours, grayscales)
  • o: Switches between isolines method (by value, by number, by point)
  • a: Temporarily freeze simulation and animation
  • f: Switches to and from fullscreen view
  • t/T: Changes timestep
  • s/S: Changes scale of vectors and streamlines
  • v/V: Changes viscosity
  • i/I: Changes number of isolines
  • q: Quits Vökvar