Okay, after some bumps in the road thanks to a nice guy of TNT, the DVI-to-TV cable arrived today.

Yesterday, 11:18, I wasn’t at home, according to this person called Sabayo. I was however, and today at 11:58, the same Sabayo didn’t ring twice to deliver my package. Mildly irritated I called TNT at about 12:05 why I was at home and no one rang, but wrote a nice note for me. The guy at the other end didn’t understand either, but convinced the postman to come by my house again on his way back. And this way, at 15:51, the bag (the package I mean, not the postman) came after all.

Of course, I wanted to try it out immediately, but since I don’t have a television in my room, I first had to borrow the one from the kitchen. And find a cable. And find a new cable since the first one apparantly was broken as it only gave a distorted image once and then became completely silent. I almost thought I had a case of DOA, but luckily, with the new cable, the image was as bright and clear as it could possibly be on a television screen.

So, for those who thought I bought a Mac mini, you thought wrong. For those who thought I bought an iPod shuffle, you were right. I also bought an iPod shuffle :-) More about that later.