This weekend I was at my parents’, so no playing around with my Mac. Sunday me and my cousins went to Six Flags Holland. I really liked the Goliath which was so… different from what I had experienced before (and that is not much to be honest). It was my first non-Vekoma coaster and what a difference indeed!

Update: Actually, it wasn’t my first non-Vekoma, Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland Paris) and Bobbaan (Efteling) are no Vekoma rides.

While Vekomas tend to rattle and shake, this one, of Intamin AG was smooth like a snake. Some nice > 90° banks and air time on the bunny hops.

Aw, well, I think Superman the Ride is also funny with its linear motor, but that is more because it is a technical challenge to get something heavy at a high speed in short time and on such a short track.