• End of the Line

    This is it. The end of Logging the Switch.

    Over the years the number of posts became less and less and in the last few years it came to a complete standstill, save for a few posts and a migration to Jekyll.

    So therefore, without further ado I declare this blog closed.

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  • Dessine-moi un mouton

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  • Blog migrated to GitHub Pages and Jekyll

    A few weeks ago I started migrating the blog off my own VPS into GitHub Pages. At first, I tried Octopress which is a set of templates, scripts and plugins for Jekyll that make blogging easier on the platform. I found it to be impractical and inflexible compared to good old Hobix, my previous blogging platform.

    Then I tried to put the actual Hobix installation in GitHub to basically achieve the same setup as Octopress. This proved to be even more inconvenient as trying to install Hobix nowadays is quite the endeavour, since it has not been maintained for over 5 years now.

    I found it more wise to migrate to a more modern system. So, here we are with the blog on a vanilla Jekyll installation.

    How to migrate your Hobix blog to Jekyll

    Hobix has an API which allows (among others) to export entries out of the system. However, as I discovered that installing Hobix is no longer an option, I had to process Hobix's entry YAMLs by hand to convert them to Jekyll YAML Front Matter.

    Below is the script I have been using.

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  • A Fresh Start

    Some ten years ago, I started this blog to document my switch to the PowerPC platform. Gradually it changed into a general purpose blog with ramblings about just about anything I dared to share. Sometimes, I would not write about some subject because I cared too much about what others think.

    Times have changed. I have stopped worrying about what others think about me and my writings. This is just for fun and it should always be just for fun.

    So here it is, hopefully a new and fresh start of Logging the Switch… Yeah, I’ll have to think of another title.

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  • ... en er wordt weer gebouwd

    Het is inmiddels alweer een week na de bouwvakvakantie en ook in Horst is men hard aan het werk. We zijn er afgelopen dinsdag langsgereden en het lijkt erop dat deze week het metselwerk aan de beurt was. De voor- en achterkant zijn zo’n beetje klaar, de punt van de zijgevel zal inmiddels ook wel af zijn.

    De hypotheek is ook geregeld en op 4 september gaan we de akte tekenen, dan hebben we dus ook daadwerkelijk iets gekocht! Heeft maar 3 maanden gekost…

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