• Status: delivered

    Yes! What no one ever expected (ahum) has happened. Today, extremely early (8:02), a mailman of TNT came to my parents house with a big box and a bag… Looks like I have to go home now, but I have to work a couple of hours first; my last workday, on Monday university is starting again.

    lees verder
  • Not so bad news after all

    Well, I got an E-mail from Apple soothing me that everything still is ok, but that Venray is actually an Apple depot where they reorder all shippings for further shipment. Strangely enough, I get to see this and even worse, I don’t get any confirmation about what is happening. Others might freak out.

    lees verder
  • Bad news?

    Hmm, the TNT Consignment Tracker gives me some second thoughts... Although both the tracking number of the and the web order number match mine, the order was going to Venray... And is now even delivered at someone named 'V Leuken'!

    <p>I doubt that it is correct… Let’s hear what Apple has to say about that.</p>
    lees verder
  • Shipment is just 500 meters away!

    At 23:18, the package checked in at the mail warehouse in Eindhoven, just about 500 meters away from my dorm room. Tomorrow, it will go to Breda and then in the evening back to Eindhoven by car…

    lees verder
  • Tracking your shipment

    A friend came with a site where I could get more information about my package than I get from Apple’s own tracking site. I can see there that it is already in Europe. Cork, Ireland to be exact. It might be handy for you too if you are ordering.

    lees verder
  • The big wait has an end

    So my new Mac was due to ship on 20. August, two months after I placed the order like I wrote in the introduction. According to the tracking page, it has been picked up by TNT Express on 20. August. The big wait is finally coming to an end. IBM had some problems delivering enough G5 processors to Apple, so Apple had problems delivering Power Macs to its customers.

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